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A day in our life (Gracia)

Jan. 14th, 2006 | 01:40 am
mood: loved loved

((Still in present tense because I'm lazy and tired))

TA-DA-I-MA~~~Collapse )

Home alone (Al)

Dec. 31st, 2005 | 02:52 pm
mood: cold cold

You know, despite the fact that the temperature never dropped too much here and the heater works fine, I'm cold. I'm cold and I'm lonley and I want my brother and the colonel. My coat just never does me any good anymore.

And I can't sleep. It always took me awhile to get to sleep by myself before, but now it's getting worse. My mind wanders all over the place and I start thinking too much when I'm by myself. And I toss and turn and I scratch my face all the time and I can't get comfortable. But when the Colonel was with me, all I could think about was him and how close he was and how warm he was and how quickly he fell asleep and how cute he is when he's sleeping and how I shouldn't move too much so I didn't wake him and stuff like that. I need him here!

Some holiday. Now I can't wait to get back to my research group (That is NOT a cult, thank you very much)so I have something to distract me from this empty house.

((hahaaa I was gonna write this entry, like, forever ago and I never got around to it. So I'm not actually angsting because I get to see Liz in a couple days anyway XD (LMAO A COUPLE DAYS YES)))


Dec. 6th, 2005 | 01:47 pm
mood: worried worried

Next week we make preparations to go into hiatus on our research. I won't be needed until Tuesday evening or Wednesday. I can't wait~

I need to get home. I'm worried about the Colonel. He was really stressed when I left Sunday night and he still has that cold, even though it was getting better. The stress might make it worse again.

I heard Brother was at Havoc's house. That worries me, too.

... I just sneezed several times in a row. And I coughed (Though that was probably from eating too fast) If I come home with a cold, the Colonel is going to think it's his fault. He has better things to worry about than my well being.

I better finish up coping these notes before I have to head back down to the lab room.


Nov. 29th, 2005 | 04:24 pm
mood: bored bored

Back to researching. But there's really only so much you can do at a time when working with plants. You have to wait for them to grow, and all. The project organizers are saying that there'll be a lull in the research in a few weeks so all the volunteers will be able to head home for the holidays~ Thank goodness. We've barely even started and already the weeks are long. I miss Brother and the Colonel.

Speaking of Brother, I know he'll be worried about the people I'm working with. (When do I do anything that doesn't make him worry?) I finally got around to asking why they didn't want government involvement, and apparently the project organizers just don't like the government too much. They figured that part-way through the research the government would either pull out and take all the funding and resources with them or they'd kick us out and use our findings for things it wasn't intended for. I can't say I blame them. I'll just have to leave out the part that I'm related to a State Alchemist and am sleeping living with a Colonel.

Speaking of sleeping living with another man, I'm starting to believe that my roommate is a homophobe. He's a nice guy, though. I'll have to let him continue to assume that I'm not interested in girls because I'm so busy with alchemy. (If that were true, I'd be turning into Brother.)

*sigh* I can't believe it's still Tuesday. Darn these slow moving weeks. I want to go home!

((OOC: When did you all want to RP having dinner? XD I need to know when to actually get on AIM))


Nov. 26th, 2005 | 11:47 pm
mood: content content

Last night was so awesome~ Like a sleep over only slightly less comfortable. That's what we all get for not knowing how to fix a heater. But still! Brother wouldn't have slept with us if it hadn't been so cold. I don't like him being left out all the time, but him and Roy just don't seem to get along so...

But it can't be helped! They're both my two favorite people in the world so they'll just have to deal with it ^-^

I did feel really bad for the Colonel, though. He stayed up all night to keep us warm. I would have stayed up too so he wouldn't have been so lonely, but I fell asleep without even thinking about it. This weekend has been so relaxing, all I can do is sleep. Roy has been sleeping all weekend too, though, so that makes it all the better. If only Brother wasn't so busy so he could sleep with us too. I'm sure the two of them would get along so much better if they just spent all their time together asleep... Wait, that sounds really bad. It's worse because it's true.

I should just not worry about them, though. If they want to get along, they'll work on getting along, I won't be able to tell them to do something like that. Though I really want to, GEEZ.

In the mean time, I have my Colonel and my Brother, and that's all I need~


Nov. 26th, 2005 | 03:04 am
mood: hot hot

Finally! I'm home for the weekend~! It's so good to see the Colonel and Brother, it seems like forever even though it's only been a few days. They're even getting along better, which is so relieving because I can't be there all the time to stop them from killing each other now.

Ed, you're short Ahh! No writting in my journal Roy~~!

Geez. Writting in this house is so difficult now. I'll have to write after Brother stops fiddling with my hair and when the Colonel stops dlf;hablfyiplhg'

Special project! (Al)

Nov. 22nd, 2005 | 07:35 pm
mood: worried worried

While I was out attending a seminar on rarer ways to help people with alchemy I met the most fascinating group of people who are looking for alchemists not with the military to help them with a special research project. I never got around to asking why they didn't want state alchemists, but they're dealing with plant enhancements using alchemy and I was reminded so much of Fletcher that I just couldn't help but offer to help!

Unfortunately, the whole thing involves so much work that I'll be needing to stay with them to keep up with their research. I will get to come home on the weekends, though, so I'll still be able to see Brother and the Colonel then. I just hope I'll be able to get through the weeks without them.

Or rather, I hope they can get through the weeks without me. I just got off the phone with Brother and he told me that the Colonel was sick, along with some nonsense about being blackmailed, but I know that's just Brother exaggerating again. They both really would kill each other if I wasn't around.

As fascinating as this research is, I just can't wait until the weekend.

((DUDE, Liz dear~ You're really sick, aren't you? x_x That sucks! I wish I could be there to take care of you~ And pardon the double post, I just figured I should post as Al while I still had some time.))

A walk down the street (Gracia)

Nov. 22nd, 2005 | 07:27 pm
mood: content content

He offers his arm and I take it carefully. I keep my hold on his arm as light as physically possible and am careful to keep our bodies from pressing together. The distance is necessary, I’ve always been good at making it obvious that I did not prefer either of them over the other. This was just another way of showing that.

“Mm, some wine does sound good,” I say, though really it doesn’t matter. I won’t be drinking nearly as much as the two men will. I can’t afford to let anything slip, after all, even if they’ll both be too drunk to remember I said or did anything in the morning.

Our pace is brisk, though not so much that it really looks like we’re in a hurry. The man in the shop smiles as if he knows we are dating or married and we do nothing to make him think otherwise. I take Roy’s arm again as he leads me to Maes’ house and we talk of how the man is always so excited to have the two of us over even though we meet every week like this. When I comment that I think his energetic behavior is cute Roy laughs aloud and says, “Yes, he always was.” Odd, I think to myself, that a man is calling another man “cute”, if indirectly. I let that thought go without suspicion, however, since Roy and Maes are good enough friends to make odd comments about each other.

I release Roy’s arm as we approach Maes’ house, and Roy allows me to, albeit he seemed to regret it. The door swings open immediately and Maes greets us warmly, barely keeping his overjoyed grin in check. He seems to speak only to Roy at first, but that is understandable. The two of them we friends long before I came along. His expression changes slightly when he turns to me, though he looks no less ecstatic. His face reddens and it takes him a moment before he can speak.

“Take your coat?”

I smile brightly at him, stepping inside to remove my coat.

“Thank you, Maes,” I say, pretending not to notice the obvious signs of affection that are meant for someone who is more than just a friend.

Being oblivious is all a part of how I keep myself indifferent.

((I’m not willing to God-mode you all out of the doorway since I’m not sure how you both would want Maes and Roy to interact XD So you two have fun with that))


Nov. 21st, 2005 | 01:41 pm
mood: nervous nervous

(OOC: When I totally screw up what Gracia is supposed to do, blame Maes for not e-mailing me the story line :D (I still love you, dear) and I have to steal you both for Thanksgiving, I'm having it Saturday~)


I have to look perfect. I have to act perfect. Tonight must be perfect.

Or at least, it has to be perfect enough for Roy and Maes. All outward calmness aside, I'm nervous. I can't stop shaking, how am I supposed to act? Being alone with both of those men at the same time always scares me. As long as they don't notice it's fine, but...

I can tell Roy has been planning. He's far more confident when dealing with women than Maes. But if he acts, or Maes even, I would have to choose. I can't do that yet, they're both still too dear to me.

That's why I have to be perfectly indifferent.

And I have to stop shaking.


That's Roy.

I can do this.



Nov. 20th, 2005 | 03:15 pm
mood: relaxed relaxed

Ah~ I feel so relaxed. After studying for awhile on my own the Colonel came over and we... *cough* did some stuff. Brother will probably be mad at him, but that won't be any different from how he is all the time. Except that they might leave me out because Brother will say the Colonel has "had Al to himself for long enough" even though it's his fault for being in that library all day.

Oh well, petting something always leaves me so soothed and happy afterwards, even if I havn't been petting a kitten. Petting Brother is especially fun, though he'll always say he doesn't like it when I'm not doing it already.

Hmm, I should stop writting. The Colonel looks like he might wake up soon and he'll want me to pet him again.